Carry Your Practice With You

Medit Scanner Backpack Launch!

Medit Scanner Backpack Launch!

Your dental practice shouldn't be confined to one place. Venture out. Whether you're shuttling between multiple clinics, presenting at a dental conference, attending workshops, or collaborating in dynamic lab environments, mobility is key.

With our new backpack, you can sync up all your dental necessities effortlessly. Designed specifically for your intraoral scanner, it also seamlessly houses accessories and your laptop, ensuring you're digitally equipped wherever you go.

The bag’s streamlined design embodies the essence of wireless dentistry. Because why should the digital dentistry be restricted to the chair?

Unpack your innovation On-The-Go with Medit. Carry your practice with you.

Medit Scanner Backpack is

Specifically crafted to accommodate all your needs when carrying a Medit intraoral scanner, whether it's the i600, i700, or i700 wireless, along with its accompanying tips, batteries, charger, laptop, and more.

With a modern and practical design, this bag offers ample storage space. It features adjustable shoulder straps, attachable pockets with velcro, and convenient side pockets on both the left and right sides.

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